“Patience Is Bitter But Its Fruit is YUMMY!”

26 SEPTEMBER 2016, 03:20 pm
After an extremly busy afternoon of roaming around the streets of Margao, Mom and Me were craving for some traditional Goan Food. As we were in search for a restaurant nearby, the smell of fried fish wafting out from the local houses: it sure did make our stomachs growl in response. “Hurry up!” Mom said, “keep walking.” Finally we found a food joint; we give in our order and now the waiting process. Waiting for your food to be cooked: when you are as hungry as a lion is one of the most annoying thing to go through.15 minutes have past; I totally look like a puppy trying to make eye contact with the waiter in the hope that it will make the food cook faster. And Finally! I see the waiter walking towards our table with our order, somehow my hunger seems to come back stronger with every step he took towards our table. Wolla! I see just what i ordered – crunchy ,juicy ,crispy golden fried prawns so yummy! It was tastier than described. The wait was worth it.


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